March 17, 2020

Ohio physician indicted for allegedly operating ‘pill mill’ that distributed controlled substances; caused the deaths of 2 patients

Martin Escobar, age 57, of Youngstown, was indicted by a federal grand jury in a 145-count indictment charging the unlawful distribution and dispensation of controlled substances, causing the deaths of two patients, maintaining a drug-involved premises, health care fraud and unlawfully distributing and dispensing a controlled substance to a person under the age of 21.
March 17, 2020

Nation's opioid addiction treatment system during COVID-19 needs reform

Wash your hands. Practice social distancing. This often repeated and important public health messaging is critically important as the nation seeks to contain COVID-19.
March 17, 2020

Covid-19 will worsen the opioid overdose crisis if we don’t prepare now

In cities across the country, morning is peak time at almost any opioid treatment program. The line stretches from the front counter to the back door as patients wait to get their daily dose of methadone. It’s an absolutely essential gathering, but one that runs counter to containing the Covid-19 outbreak.
March 16, 2020

Addiction Treatment Facilities: Are They Prepared For The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak?

By now, most people are aware of a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, that is wreaking public health havoc on a global scale. As of today, March 16th, 2020, over 3700 cases of novel coronavirus and 69 deaths have been reported. Once testing becomes widespread, these numbers are expected to increase significantly.
March 12, 2020

Town Hall - Healing Together: Confronting the Opioid Crisis

ABC6 News & the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance investigate the increase in opioid overdose deaths.
March 11, 2020

Ohio state, local governments will pursue joint damages settlement over opioids

Cities and counties representing more than 85% of Ohio residents have agreed to join the state in seeking a unified damages settlement with the drug industry over the deadly costs of opioid addiction.
March 11, 2020

Ohio officials agree on plan to split any opioid settlements

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Local officials representing nearly 85% of Ohio’s residents have agreed to a plan to share any money brought in from settlements with companies over the toll of opioids.
March 11, 2020

Ohio unites to push for settlement in opioid lawsuits

COLUMBUS — State and local leaders inked a deal to join forces to negotiate a settlement with opioid manufacturers and distributors over their role in the opiate addiction crisis that has devastated the state, officials announced Wednesday.