Dave Yost

December 9, 2019

Yost Pitches Constitutional Amendment To Allocate Opioid Settlement Money

The Ohio Attorney General's office has crafted a proposal that would put guardrails around potential opioid lawsuit settlement money to make sure the funds are used specifically for the opioid epidemic.
October 17, 2019

Ohio AG Says Reported Settlements In Opioid Trial Are "Too Light"

Ohio’s attorney general says his office is disappointed in a reported settlement with five drugmakers and distributors in advance of a huge opioid trial - a trial he tried to delay.
October 30, 2019

Large fentanyl seizure called 'weapon of mass destruction' by Ohio attorney general

Over 40 pounds of fentanyl were seized in an Ohio drug bust that officials are saying amounts to "chemical warfare."
October 22, 2019

Ohio governor convenes talks with lawyers in opioid lawsuits

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday that he has convened a meeting with the state attorney general and lawyers for cities and counties involved in the national opioid litigation to discuss how millions in settlement dollars might be spent.
October 22, 2019

Opioid Settlement In Ohio Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

Two counties in Ohio have reached a major opioid settlement with the drug industry. It's valued at roughly $260 million. Local officials say that money paid out by drugmakers and distributors is desperately needed as they struggle to cope with the addiction crisis. But the settlement in Cleveland failed to produce clear legal precedents or any kind of national model for compensation as many observers had hoped. North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports.
October 15, 2019

Your Guide To The Massive (And Massively Complex) Opioid Litigation

In less than a week, a landmark battle over who bears responsibility for the U.S. opioid crisis will begin in federal court.
October 14, 2019

Court Denies Ohio’s Attempt to Stop Cleveland Opioid Trial

A federal appeals court has denied an effort led by Ohio’s attorney general to stop a bellwether trial over the opioid crisis from starting this month in Cleveland.
October 10, 2019

6th Circuit refuses to halt opioids bellwether trial, denying Ohio AG’s mandamus bid

(Reuters) - The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that two Ohio counties can proceed in a landmark bellwether trial accusing opioid manufacturers, distributors and sellers of sparking a drug abuse epidemic that the counties have spent billions of dollars to combat. Judges Alan Norris, Eugene Siler and Karen Moore denied a mandamus petition by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who had asked the 6th Circuit to enjoin the Oct. 21 trial to protect the state’s sovereign power to bring claims on behalf of Ohio residents.