May 4, 2021

Shift to opioid alternatives raises concerns

The use of opioids for pain management in workers compensation continues to decline, replaced by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and dermatological agents.
April 7, 2021

Cuyahoga County saw record overdose deaths in March 2021

Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Gilson issued a public health alert after the county suffered at least 69 suspected overdose deaths in March.
March 16, 2021

Opioid Epidemic Linked to Greater Number of Heart Infections in the US

Preliminary research by the American Heart Association suggests the opioid epidemic in the United States may have led to an increase in the number of strokes due to bacterial infections of the heart (infective endocarditis).
March 16, 2021

Rising Endocarditis and Neurovascular Events Linked to Opioid Epidemic

As the end of the COVID-19 pandemic nears, efforts to combat the opioid problem need to be redoubled, a researcher says.
March 1, 2021

Rural Physicians Report Higher Rates of Bias Against OUD Patients

A study conducted by two professors at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, found that physician bias and stigma toward people who misuse opioids was greater among rural practitioners vs. those in urban settings.
February 26, 2021

Ohio professors examine physician bias and stigma toward individuals who misuse opioids

Ohio University professors Berkeley Franz, Ph.D., and Lindsay Dhanani, Ph.D., have continued their research examining how psychology and public health intersect, this time analyzing the effects of physician bias and stigma toward people who misuse opioids.
February 17, 2021

Ohio State study: 311 statistics can predict opiate, overdose hotspots

The Columbus 311 Service Center averages 500,000 contacts a year, according to the Department of Neighborhoods.
January 19, 2021

Ohio State Students Launch App to Reduce Opioid Overdoses

Nine Ohio State students have created an app to help Franklin County combat the opioid epidemic.