September 8, 2019

Front-line treatment providers worry about getting pushed aside in Ohio opioid settlement

Many advocates on the front lines of the opioid crisis — from firefighters who revive overdose victims, to counselors at community treatment and recovery programs, to grandparents caring for the children of addicts — already are frustrated with two recent developments that could affect settlement payments in Ohio.
The Emerald Jenny Foundation
June 19, 2019

The Emerald Jenny Foundation

For all the internet offers, finding information on the right treatment facilities isn’t always easy. Emerald Jenny's site includes listings for rehab facilities, healthcare providers, counselors and other organizations – all so you or a loved one can take that important first step.
April 24, 2019

County Jails Struggle With A New Role As America's Prime Centers For Opioid Detox

Faced with a flood of addicted inmates and challenged by lawsuits, America's county jails are struggling to adjust to an opioid health crisis that has turned many of the jails into their area's largest drug treatment centers.
Community Conversations — Activity

Medication as Treatment?

In this activity, participants will discuss the current debate over what type of treatment is most effective for overcoming opioid dependence. Using an article from the New York Times that reports on experiences with this approach, we will discuss the controversy over medication-assisted treatment.